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Refinance a Home Equity Loan

Refinancing a home equity loan Vancouver is a popular product option. Some homeowners do it to pay off their other existing loans Vancouver or get a fresh start especially if they are falling behind their mortgages Vancouver. If you are considering to have your home equity loans BC restructured, apply at Alexa Capital Corp. The company offers fair interest rate, easy application process, and quick approval. No need to line up to your bank’s office or file too many documents. Alexa Capital Corp. has simplified the entire process for home equity loans Vancouver. You may also contact them if you have plans to take out a second mortgage Vancouver or apply for foreclosure loans.

Alexa Capital Corp.

Applying for a second mortgage Vancouver is not easy. Banks will have to ask for several documents just to prove your ability to pay your home equity loans Vancouver. Instead of dealing with the traditional banks, why not go to Alexa Capital Corp, a private mortgage banker that offers home equity loan Vancouver in few easy steps- no more long lines and cut the agonizing waiting time. With the help of Alexa Capital Corp., you can get the home equity loans BC within the same week that you applied. The licensed brokers will guide you in finding solutions for your foreclosure loans or any mortgages Vancouver.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of the oldest and most visited attractions in Vancouver. The 140 meter-long bridge crosses the Capilano River at a height of 70 meters. The original bridge was built in 1889 and was made from hemp ropes and later on in 1903, it was replaced with wire cable. The bridge that we see now is the 1956 version and sold to the current owner, Nancy Stibbard in 1983. From a simple bridge attraction, the park has opened other activities for guests such as the Treetop Adventures and the Cliffwalk. Guests love the closeness to nature and breathtaking view of the park.

Vancouver, BC

Moving to Vancouver, BC is a great idea if you want to have lots of opportunities for career growth yet very close to the mountains, lakes, ocean, and forests. The natural beauty and its lad-back lifestyle are attractions to many immigrants. This is on top of the highly diverse and very welcoming communities. Since the city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the country, you will surely find people coming from the same roots as yours. In terms of cost of living, you will not find too much adjustment if you come from Ontario or Quebec area. But if you will be coming from Manitoba or the Maritime provinces, you will find the cost of living in Vancouver to be expensive.

Reusable and Returnable Cup from Tim Hortons launches in Vancouver

The country and the entire world is suffering from the ill effects of excessive garbage produced every single minute. To reduce the single-use waste, many companies including Tim Hortons has launched the reusable and returnable cup. Guests will have to deposit $4 to receive a reusable and returnable cup. Once they are done, they can return the cup at any participating restaurants and they get their money back through electronic transfer. The project hopes to encourage more people to reuse and recycle. As more companies are into sustainable development, we hope to develop more innovative solutions for the future of Mother Earth.

Link to maps

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1, Canada

Get on BC-1A/BC-99 in West Vancouver from Capilano Rd
7 min (3.2 km)
Follow BC-99 to Fir St in Vancouver. Take the Fir Street S exit from BC-99 S
14 min (8.4 km)
Drive to W Broadway
41 s (220 m)

Alexa Capital Corp.
1687 W Broadway #50, Vancouver, BC V6J 1X2, Canada

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